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Home Foundations

Home Foundations
Every great house is built on a solid foundation that will last with the home. Lessard Builders builds every custom home with a concrete foundation, fortified with rebar and steel reinforcement. Our homes are sturdy, long lasting and customized to your taste.

Our projects always start by surveying the location of a planned custom home. The environment that is being built upon must be taken into account before the first hole is dug. We take into consideration the conditions of the soil, water table levels and the quality of the backfill.

The type of foundation being built is up to the homeowner. Lessard can build a slab, crawlspace or basement foundation depending on your preferences. A slab is a solid block of concrete that sits on the ground where your home will be built. Crawlspaces are made with solid concrete or steel piers to provide extra space for plumbing, HVAC services and moving room underneath your home. A basement foundation provides a lot of space for storage and housing utilities.

Once we start pouring concrete we don’t stop! Our concrete pouring goes until a form is fully filled. This is done to make sure that all of the concrete cools and matures at the same rate. Our crew is knowledgeable about curing concrete up to 3,000 psi, ensuring strength and stability.

The foundation is incredibly important to supporting a safe home. It’s main functions include:
• Bearing the load of a home. An excellent foundation will keep a house up despite the size.
• Moisture resistant sealing. Having a foundation that is properly sealed will keep the basement dry and free of mold or flooding.
• Concrete slabs paired with an insulator on the inside and outside will help keep your home warm in the colder months. This will help prevent your home from losing too much heat into the ground.
• Safeguard from natural forces. The earth is never still and at its worst can produce dangerous earthquakes. A solid foundation will keep your home standing against the elements.

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