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Electrical Installation

Electrical Installation
Every home needs an electric system delivering power to electrical outlets and appliances wherever it’s needed. When we build homes from scratch safety is our number one priority. We ensure that the electrical path follows current International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards for safety. This is an International guideline used for properly setting up electrical wires throughout a home or business.

Rewiring electrical pathways in a preexisting home can be difficult and time-consuming depending on where electrical outlets are requested. We want to provide enough electricity to meet your family’s needs so please let us know, early in the architectural design, what rooms will require a larger focus when planning electrical system paths. Ask us to take a walk through the construction site before we install electricity and point out where outlets would be best for you.

When we design the electrical path through a home, we think about practicality as a major component when designing how electricity should be run. Outlets that are too high off the ground or in hard to reach spots can create problems in your day-to-day down the road.

Think about your outdoor electrical requirements. Do you have events outside that need easily obtainable power? We can easily install outlets and electrical boxes outside for any electrical need.

Electricity can be dangerous so be sure to consult a professional when making planning to make changes. Rewiring electricity in your home can become a larger project than anticipated, call Lessard builders at 860-763-1107 for your electrical installation needs.

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