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Custom Homes

Custom Homes

Building a Custom House

As a trusted and established home contractor, we take pride in founding a great working relationship with every client right from the start. Focusing on open communication and flexibility, Lessard Builders is a distinguished home contractor whose presence is known by our premiere craftsmanship, unique custom homes, and positive client experiences.

We will walk you through each facet of the development process and take our time to create architectural plans that will engineer the best possible project. From assessing your lot to determine the best avenues for building, to developing uniquely crafted blueprints balanced with beauty and functionality, we will work together to create a plan that will take all building aspects into account, even the small details.

Lessard Builders will oversee and manage each phase of the development process from initial conception, through the finishing touches. Instead of juggling a multitude of contractors, have us use our trusted and insured team, and we'll take care of it all.

The importance of choosing the right contractor cannot be stressed enough. As a respected builder in the Hartford County area, our reputation has followed us by homes we've built - and by the reliability and confidence our clients have in us.

For all Your Custom Home Building, Remodeling, Local Contracting, Additions and Construction Needs Call Lessard Builders at 860-763-1107 for Expert Craftsmanship and Experience in Your Next Residential Project!